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Cristina Amigoni - Senior Director, Change Management

"Jake is a very talented Change Management practitioner.

I worked with Jake for over 2 years and he played a pivotal role on the team. Working for a startup poses its challenges due to the nature of building while executing. He built the Change Management practice and services with me, basically from nothing. He not only took on many hats, but was always ready to learn more, do more and hit the ground running regardless of the challenge. 

Clients and colleagues greatly respect him and he has learned organizational change management and transformation skills that typically take several more years to master. He is very versatile and extremely reliable. Everything he does is with excellence, commitment and a fantastic attitude. I never had to think twice about the outcome of any task assigned to him. He establishes respectful and very trustworthy relationships with clients, who would specifically request to work with him. It would be my honor to work with him again and he would make an impactful addition to any company or team. "

Cristina managed Jake directly

Alex Hoffman - Senior Project Manager

"Jake is extremely passionate about helping customers to understand our HCM software through his live training sessions and is constantly looking for new and creative ways to help them fully adopt their solution on day 1. He skillfully works with customers to adapt their current business processes to the new software and develops communication and training plans for customers to implement. He has a keen understanding of team dynamics and applies that to helping customers understand their stakeholder landscape in order to overcome typical pitfalls of change management. Jake applies his creativity to finding new ways of solving old problems. His energy and enthusiasm are truly infectious. He is the ultimate team player and always offering to help his team members in any way he can. I love collaborating with Jake on various projects, he is so easy and fun to work with and I know our projects are always better off with his input and participation."

Jake and Alex work together on several projects

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