I help companies navigate change.

What's your ideal future state?

About Jake

Hi, I'm Jake!

In my experience working with clients, I've noticed that most companies do not have a change management team. Prosci defines change management as "The process, tools, and techniques to manage the people side of change..." My job is to help your employees or customers transition to an ideal future state. I have tested several tools and methodologies that have helped companies around the globe.

Implementing a new platform or way of doing business can be a disruptive change for everyone involved. In my time with SyncHR, I've redesigned how we approach change management and training with our clients. I designed change adoption activities, which increased our go-live success stories and later became a value prop for product sales.

It doesn't matter if I am working with your employee or customer. Change management can be a significant value-add to any company experiencing change. I've earned a Masters from Southern New Hampshire University and have years of experience in change management and training.