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I lead the change management and training efforts for a Denver tech startup.

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People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.

-Dale Carnegie

About Me



Senior Change Management Consultant - Denver, CO

I guide companies through the people side of complex software implementations

Industrial Organizational Psychologist

Earned my Masters in March of 2019.

Change Agent

I Introduced change adoption activities, which became a value prop for product sales. These sessions help me understand the current state of the customer's operations so that I can best prepare them for a desired future state.

Operations Strategist

Change management and project management have historically been siloed efforts. With a team, I’ve redesigned the overall project plan and introduced a new training methodology to align project tasks.

Life Coach in Training

People are my ultimate curiosity. I enjoy studying why people do the things they do and what makes them tick.

My Core Values

Begin Again

Each moment can spark a new opportunity. What are you doing with yours?


Hiking is my weekend weakness.


I love learning. I'm enrolled in 39+ courses on Udemy.com.


There is nothing more sacred than my 3:30am gym and mindfulness routine.


In 2015 I started the Ask Me About My Chapstick Campaign to inspire communication and community.


One meditation a day keeps the doctor away.

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